4 Transfer Options from Melbourne Airport when Travelling with Children and Infant

Travelling with children and infants in Australia can be quite a challenging thing, namely because there are things you would need to consider with them. When travelling alone or just with adults, getting from Melbourne Airport can be as simple as hopping on a bus.

However, the trick when travelling with your little ones is to plan ahead. There are 4 transfer options that could help you travel from Melbourne Airport, including taxi, online taxi, bus and private transport. Which one is the best for you? Let’s look at the brief comparison below!


The most popular and obvious option for most is taxi. It’s easy to locate from any terminal and is the most conventional door-to-door transport. For first-time visitors who haven’t done any research on transport options and are not familiar with online taxis, then this would be the right choice.

It’s a great choice when there are no buses or private transport available. Families with small children can easily hop on the car and arrive at their destination. Although, taxi can be quite an expensive transport option.

Online Taxi (Uber & Ola)

A newer option would be online taxi services such as Uber and Ola. These are usually cheaper than traditional taxis, but do not cater to children and infants. This means there will be no baby seats or booster seats, which you might need for smaller kids.

One of the advantages of online taxi is the sense of security that its online app gives you. You can easily track the driver and your current location. However, this could mean the fare would increase with any traffic or pitstops. It’s also tricky if you haven’t bought any local SIM card yet.


If you’re travelling on a budget, the bus would be the best option. But this is only suitable if your children are older, as it may be difficult to manoeuvre with small babies and suitcases on the bus.

Another downside of taking the bus is it might require you to wait for up to 30 minutes! If the wait gets too long and you’ve just landed from a long flight, the little ones may get restless and tired. In this case, the bus may not be your best option.

Private Transport

Yes, we’re saving the best for the last. When you are travelling with children and infants, private transport is probably the best way to go. It handles every problem you may come across with the other alternatives. The most important thing is they can provide baby capsules, seats and booster seats no matter your kid’s age.

If you book the service beforehand, you can expect on-time pickups from the airport, so your children don’t need to wait for long. There’s also no need to share with other passengers, which means you get to enjoy the comfort and privacy or personal space. This could be much needed after a tiring journey! There is plenty of private transport you can hire, but Melbourne Airport Transfer and Downtown Corporate Cars offer one of the most excellent services at a reasonable price. Another thing we love about private transport is you can customize the trip for you. From multiple stops, pickups to standby, whatever you need!

All in all, travelling with children and infant does not have to be overwhelming. These 4 options can all take you from Melbourne Airport to your accommodation. The right option just depends on your needs and budget. Happy travelling!

Who Needs National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation?

Do you need National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation? That is the question that many transport operators and heavy vehicle drivers ask themselves when they are deciding which accreditation to get. If the answer is “yes,” then we recommend getting NHVAS accreditation. This does not only mean complying with Australian law, but it also means being in compliance with other countries. There’s a lot of benefits to be had! In this blog post, we will discuss who needs NHVAS accreditation and what it entails.

Heavy vehicle drivers who want to transport anything over a certain weight

Heavy vehicle drivers who want to transport goods over a certain weight need National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation. This is because the NHVAS scheme ensures that heavy vehicles are safe and have been checked for defects before they can be used on public roads in Australia, which helps keep other road users safer too! The accreditations also ensure compliance with international standards – this means you will not only comply with Australian law but others as well so it’s worth considering if your business operates internationally or has plans of doing soon. If any driver needs more information about how their company could get accredited under these schemes then we recommend contacting the NHVAS accreditation consultant.

Drivers who need their heavy vehicle to be accredited for interstate or overseas travel 

Drivers who need their heavy vehicle to be accredited for interstate or overseas travel are required to have a National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme – NHVAS accreditations. This is because the heavy vehicle needs an Australian Design Rule (ADR) approval before it can be used on public roads in Australia.

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation is a mandatory requirement for all heavy vehicle drivers in Australia.

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation is a mandatory requirement for all heavy vehicle drivers in Australia. The National Scheme was introduced to help reduce the number of accidents involving trucks and other large vehicles on Australian roads, which has been steadily increasing over recent years due largely to an increase in truck traffic volume as well more goods being transported by road instead than rail or sea freighting methods (due mainly because it’s cheaper). It also helps keep our environment cleaner too! As such NHVAS accreditations are required before you can drive your commercial motor-vehicle interstate – even if just across state borders within Victoria/New South Wales etc., so make sure that any driver who needs their HGV accredited gets one ASAP otherwise they’ll be breaking local.

The benefits of having NHVAS Accreditation

The benefits of having NHVAS Accreditation are that it will make you eligible to drive your heavy vehicle interstate even if just across state borders. It also allows for the driver’s employer or principal, who is operating a fleet of vehicles with NHVAS accredited drivers in them and have an Australian Business Number (ABN) registered as operator under National Heavy Vehicle Accreditations Scheme.

The NHVA course is designed to teach you the skills and knowledge required.

The NHVA course is designed to teach you the skills and knowledge required to operate a heavy vehicle safely on public roads. It covers topics like driving, loading & unloading fatigue management safe work practices risk management etc.

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