Individualised Living Options

The Ultimate Guide of Individualised Living Options (ILO)

There are many things people with disabilities can do around the world. Not only depend on other people, now people with disabilities can start their own lives.

Individualized Living Options (ILO) are one way for people with disabilities to start their lives. This approach usually involves professionals doing this.

You can even get housing funded by the national disability agency. Here you can learn to take care of yourself and even express your life freely.

ILO Main Guide

This life guide is designed specially so that people with disabilities can have a free life. Here you will find some support.

Like how you want to live, who you want to live with, and where. Then what are your skills and needs?

This agency will provide everything you need. Here are the main guidelines if you want to join the independent living program:

1. Housemates

You will agree to some of the rules provided. You will be provided with personal care, shopping assistance, cooking, washing, and emotional assistance.

But there are some houses you can live in with your partner without help. You can choose a partner to live with.

The partner you choose must have support for people with disabilities and be emotionally supportive.

This partner can be said to be a mentor. He will help you start your own life and manage how you want to live.

Here you can freely explore and express your whole life freely.

2. Host Arrangement

You will be provided with short term accommodation for this program by NDIS Provider. You will meet a full-time partner or family who will be the host. If you are in Perth, you can contact us as Registered NDIS Provider Perth.

They will protect you and take care of all your needs. They will help you to develop the skills you have.

The host will provide all your needs includes shopping, food, washing clothes, and other assistance. You don’t have to worry about everything you need because they are ready to help meet your needs as you learn to live independently.

3. Mentor

Starting life alone for people with disabilities is a tricky thing. Apart from having special needs, they also need a companion to contribute in many ways.

People with disabilities will find it challenging to start social activities and participate in some communities.

Having a mentor in this program will help you improve your social skills, especially relating to other people.

This unique housing for disability can support you to join the Individualized Living Options program. You will learn how to form relationships with the community.

The most important thing for you to succeed in independent life is support, both informal and formal support.

You can get formal support from this program, starting from mentors, hosts, and daily needs.

Meanwhile, you can get informal support from family or friends who will encourage you to live independently.

With the exploration of the independent living program, people with disabilities can start at the age of 17 years. 

Those are some of the main guidelines you should pay attention to and prepare to follow an independent living program.